Tierra Buena School

1794 Villa Avenue, Yuba City, CA 95993
(530) 822-5280            Fax: (530) 822-5024

 Brian Brown, Principal       Yvonne Anast-Erb, Assistant Principal


Dear Tierra Buena School Family,

Finally, after many years of work and waiting, Tierra Buena is getting modernized facilities! We are proud to say that construction is underway on a new gymnasium, two new science labs, a stage, and a music facility.

That construction will still be underway when school starts on August 16th. That means that all of us are going to see some important changes in the way we drop off and pick up our students, park our cars and visit school.

These changes are likely to make things a little more difficult, particularly during the first days when we adjust to the changes. I hope you will allow extra time for drop off in the mornings, and put “patience” at the top of your back-to-school list!

Our main concern during this period is the safety of our children. That is why our staff has worked hard to develop a system to keep traffic flow as orderly as possible, and to ensure that students are safe throughout the entire process.

A description of that system is attached below, along with a map indicating the new drop off areas.

I ask you to review this plan carefully. Think about which route you will take to bring your children to school, and be ready to follow the instructions of our staff and safety officers on site.

We worked together to bring about these exciting changes to our school. Now, we will work together to make sure this period of construction goes smoothly and that our children remain safe throughout the year!

I thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation.