Welcome Ceremony at City Hall on Tuesday October 29th.  The ceremony will begin at 4:00 pm and will be conducted in front of City Hall.  This year we celebrate 30 years of a continued relationship with our Sister City.  Each year for the past 30 years we have maintained a Sister City relationship and we welcome visitors from Toride in late October.  We in turn, send Yuba City students, 7th - 12th grade to Toride in February of e we ach year.  Students and adults are placed in homes of YCUSD families to have the opportunity to be a part of each families  American traditions for 7 days.
Mrs. Maloto will be continuing this long standing tradition.  In recent years, we have invited the YCHS Band to join us for the event, and provide an even bigger musical experience.  The Bands perform as Yuba City residents and Host families arrive to meet and pick up their Toride guests.  When the Toride guests arrive, the bands have learned and play the American National Anthem as well as Japans National Anthem.  
This year we have added our own Tierra Buena Choir to the Welcome Ceremony.  Mrs. Campbell has taught the choir a song in Japanese that they will perform for the first time on Tuesday 10/29.  I am told that it sounds incredible and that the students have worked very hard on performing this piece.   It will be amazing to see both our Band and Choir representing our great school.
We will have 3 Tierra Buena families hosting Toride students this year.  The students are placed at homes in pairs and will attend school with their Host family students on October 30th and 31st.  They come to America in late October because they want to participate in the American tradition of Trick or Treating.  They also will be participating in our Tierra Buena costume parade.
I hope and look forward to this great tradition continuing for many years to come.