CJSF is comprised of 7th and 8th grade student members who meet eligibility requirements.  Tierra Buena’s CJSF chapter is led by Mrs. Phagura.  Eligible students become members by submitting applications based on their report card grades.  Membership is for one semester, and membership drives are held the first four weeks of each semester.
Students are invited to attend conferences that are held annually as well as apply for scholarships. 
Requirements for membership:
In order to become a member, a student must submit an application each semester the student is eligible.  A student establishes membership by earning academic points.  The number of points earned must be twice the number of academic subjects, i.e,. 8 points must be earned by a student enrolled in 4 subjects. 
CJSF semester points are calculated based on grades as follows:
A= 3 CJSF points
B = 1 CJSF point
C or Pass = 0 CJSF points
D or F in any subject shall disqualify the students from membership for the semester.
CJSF students become Honor Award Members after earning membership for three semesters: one in 7th grade and two in 8th grade.  A seal is placed on their certificate of promotion and are eligible to wear the CJSF gold pin.
Fall 2018 CJSF Members:
7th Grade:
Alexi Hernandez
Clarissa Garcia
Crystal Chavez
Ekampreet Purewal
Jeevan Sahota
Maneet Dhami
Marissa Garcia
Munneth Gill
Rajleen Kahlon
Rene Garcia
Ryan Buttler
Viviana Miller
Yanie You
8th Grade:
Aaron Takhar
Caylee Procunier
Danielle Batatan
Dominic Inguanzo
Felix Chou
Govind Basra
Haley Mathews
Harjot Janda
Harleen Bains
Morgyn Schmidt
Natalee Gardner
Navreet Kaur
Swaisy Van Dusen

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